Be Strategic When Ordering Your Mats
Be Strategic When Ordering Your Mats

Be Strategic When Ordering Your Mats

One of the most popular spots to place your mats is before or after your single and double doors, but that certainly isn’t your only option. Also consider placing mats: custom logo floor mats

  • At your cash register or point of sales.
  • In front of your elevators.
  • At the entrance of your internal office door.
  • Anywhere your employees or customers will stand for long periods of time.
  • In areas of high traffic as a method of minimizing the wear on your flooring.
  • In front of or throughout your pop-up shop or convention display.
  • In strategic indoor and outdoor locations as a method of guiding traffic, creating a focal point, or complementing your design.

As you can see, your commercial door mats aren’t just for doors. While safety and comfort may be your priority, you are sure to find additional ways to utilize your mats for branding, marketing, and interior/exterior design. Reach out to the Source Floor team today to discuss your inlaid logo commercial door mats

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